Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blog Balancing

Well, I'll eventually get around to writing up Part 2 of the XO Laptops and Sustainable Design post. I got kind of derailed by deciding that I'd like to participate in the Nature Network, which is a much different kettle of fish than a purely personal blog. My NN blog is focused on moving science, and scientists, out of the laboratory and into the real, and I'm still struggling with how to utilize that space. Here's my dilemma, a huge part of why I love science is that it "Boing Boing-ifies" the world, meaning that studying and practicing science makes me realize what an incredible, dynamic, inscrutable, beautiful world we live in. So, it doesn't make sense to me to compartmentalize my NN blog postings to "just science," because science isn't "just science" to me. That said, I do think it's valuable for my NN blog to be more focused, because I am trying to explore a specific set of ideas there, namely how does someone translate their appreciation and scientific training into a broad effort to use those skills in the wider world. It's an uncertain balance, especially at the beginning.

I've got one post up there now that I'm happy with as a starting point, a sort of theme for how I'd like to develop that blog. It's about the developing linkage between science and technology (S&T), their use in remedying our world's most persistent problems, and "diplomacy" in the sense of the policies that bring S&T to bear on the aforesaid issues. Also, continuing my ongoing taxonomy of types of blog entries, it's a "referral to primary sources" post, linking to the video of a plenary lecture by Dr. Nina Federoff that I saw at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Boston back in February. On a more personal level, her talk is a great example of what I find really exciting about being a scientist, and about the capacity to take our training and apply it where people most need a helping hand. So, if that sounds at all interesting, check it out.

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