Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Earnest Humor

So, in my ongoing series documenting the taxonomy of blog posts that I enjoy, how about the celebration of truly brilliant, topical humor? From Obsidian Wings:
"Obama is very likely to win whatever Clinton does; besides, it would be needlessly divisive. I am not writing this to say: "Nice reputation you've got there, Senator Clinton. Shame if something happened to it ..." I do not want this to happen, and I very much hope it doesn't."
Why is it funny? Because that's what most of us are thinking right now, we admire some or many aspects of Hillary Clinton's character and her accomplishments. We'd like her to bow out with dignity, but at the same time the blatant blackmailing of primary partisans has gotten old. And just on the TV news, "identity thieves are stealing identities in order to get free medical care" so maybe we should acknowledge that Hillary did at least try to come through on this issue.

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