Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Praise of DailyKos

Yes, I agree that Dailykos has more than a bit of a tendency toward the whole left-wing echo chamber effect. However, give them credit where it's due, they maintain a stable of very talented writers who use a mix of excellent narrative, personal reflection, and well-researched arguments to support their positions. Please note that their positions are occasionally, in my opinion, crazy, but that's not the point. They present consistent and cogent arguments that shape the opinions of millions of folks who visit their site, and while clearly biased toward the "liberal" end of the political spectrum they express their bias in a way that raises the level of the debate. No one should use DailyKos as their sole source of information, but what they provide is of high quality. To highlight what they do well, here's a post by Meteor Blades (one of their regular writers) discussing the history of gay marriage in Colorado. It's an interesting look at some of the background on the issue in that state, and is also a powerful reminder of why it matters. 

Well said, sir.

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