Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Loves The Internets

OK, from the geek mega-aggregator Boing Boing:
Sean Tevis is a geeky geek from Kansas who's fed up with his state rep, an anti-abortion, anti-evolution, pro-censorship, pro-surveillance, anti-gay incumbent. Tevis -- an unknown -- is polling within three points of his opponent, and is looking to raise some Internet dough to kick this guy's (extremely tight) ass, and to promote his cause, he's made a fantastic, XKCD-style toon called "It’s Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner." Specifically, he's looking to raise $8.34 from 3,000 people (no state rep in Kansas history has ever had more than 644 donors)
I'd have more qualms about donating money across electoral lines (I am not, nor have I ever been, even in the state of Kansas) if private interests didn't do that all the damn time in my home state.

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