Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Final Word On Mail

Hi all,

Sorry for the long duration between postings. My site is in a very rural part of Ghana, and Internet availability is sparse at the best of times. And at the worst of times it's almost completely unavailable. There are two cafes within an hour of me, one at my market town of Sampa is having problems with their ISP and the other in a town called Berekum has unexpectedly closed.

I'm trying to check a month and a half's worth of email but did want to post a brief message about mail. I've got it straightened out, and it turns out the easiest thing for everybody is just to send mail (both packages and envelopes) to the Accra address:

Samuel Frankel
Peace Corps Volunteer
United States Peace Corps
P.O. Box 5796
Accra-North, Ghana

There is a fairly constant traffic between the Accra office and the Kumasi Sub Office where I have a mailbox and will generally be about once a month. I got a bunch of letters there today that I'm really, really looking forward to reading over a cup of coffee tomrrow morning. There isn't really any good local option for receiving mail in my area, although there are some post offices I can use to send mail so hopefully I can get some letters heading back to y'all.

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