Saturday, June 26, 2010

Asking For Help

Hey y'all,

The Peace Corps has something called the Peace Corps Partnership Program which is basically a system where people back home can contribute money online to volunteer projects. I wanted to give you a heads up that in the next several weeks (hopefully) I'll have one up attempting to raise funds for a piece of cashew processing machinery for a project we're working on in my town. Once Peace Corps has given me the green light on the proposal I'll put up a more substantial explanation about the project and how it ties into the work that we're doing, but if you have the means to put aside a few bucks in preparation I'd really appreciate it. Everything is tax deductible and whatnot. The request won't be for a huge amount, probably around $900 US dollars, but my Ghana life is beginning to wind down (5 months, wow...) so time is a factor. I know things are tough at home right now, but if $20 or $40 (more, of course, = wonderful) is a possibility it would help tremendously. Also, if you're part of a church or workplace giving group that might want to sponsor a small agricultural project in Africa, mind sounding them out? Like I said, more details to come, but I wanted to put this on your radar. We've done a lot of "projects" but this one has a different feel, it's in the spirit of a gift, an impossibly inadequate gift for everything I'm grateful for about the last two years.

Oh, and it's USA vs. Ghana tonight at 6pm. My loyalties are not even close to divided. Go USA!

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Anonymous said...

Sam, I won't hide how jealous I am that you are in Ghana while they are doing so well at the WC. Bet the atmosphere is outstanding!

It has been great to follow your blog and read about your experiences and challenges. I'm glad you are well.