Sunday, September 12, 2010

Togo, Benin, Onwards


So on the heels of our close-of-service conference, I'm going to Togo and Benin for a little while. The phone will be off but I'll hit Facebook with some details and photos when we get back. The end of this Peace Corps thing is bitter-sweet. My official close-of-service date is December 1st, and depending on money I'm hoping to travel for six weeks or so across West Africa to Cape Verde and then catch a flight back.



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Anonymous said...


I read your text about the kayayoogirls, and also wrote a comment there. But I saw that it was two years ago :)

I am a norwegian girl who in 2009 worked with a ghanaian NGO who works with kayayoogirls and reintegration in schools and villages in the north. I found your blog because I am now writing a text about the kayayoo and I searched for kayayoo on Google to see what I could find. Just wanted to say that what you are doing in Ghana looks very exciting, you write very good, so interesting to read!